How To Apply Dirt Bike Decals

Although it’s simple to purchase or design a decal to fit your dirtbike, it’s quite another to properly apply them. The correct application will improve the overall appearance, so it is essential to finish the process correctly. Here, we’ll take you through a few tips you surely must consider. Here we are:

Before you begin, determine the locations you want to place the decals. This is crucial as the correct position of the decals will make your bike look more custom. That is exactly what you prefer.

Trimming: To apply decal the appropriate way it is necessary to cut off any excess. This tip improves the appearance and placement of decals on your dirt bike. Although it may at first appear to center the decal, it’s likely to create more issues in the process if compared to a decal that’s cut to the right size for the graphic or image. Whether you wish to learn the latest information about dirt bike, you must sneak a peek at website.

Most times the text decals include a significant amount of black space surrounding the images, so it is possible to trim this down to avoid complications when applying the decal. Since they need more epoxy, bigger decals could be challenging to install.

They can be difficult to use, but they must be kept clean and tidy after a ride in conditions that are muddy or rainy days.

Epoxy: To give your decal a professional finish, make sure to apply the epoxy to the surface before applying it. In fact, applying a thin coat of epoxy before laying down the decal can visually conceal the seams of the decal your dirt bike. This means that the adhesive for decals will stick more effectively to the epoxy. Additionally, the first layer of epoxy will hide the lines of the decal when the second layer of epoxy is put on.

Fingerprints: Make sure your fingerprints are not absorbed by the decals as you apply. Don’t be concerned about your fingerprints but also hair strands. Hair strands can easily cause a decal to appear unclean. Not to exaggerate but, in the event that you put on an additional layer of epoxy, the mistake will be there for an entire lifetime.

Although it may not appear obvious at first, the epoxied sticker will show up as time passes. This is something you should not want.

Do well to also get a clean decal. For this, you must place the decal on top using an scotch tape that is slightly longer. The excess length of the Scotch Tape could be used as a handle. To take off the adhesive backing, apply a small piece of tape on the reverse of the decal.

Then, place the decal on the scotchtape still in place. Continue to eliminate all air bubbles beneath the decal. After the decal is adhered to the bike’s part remove the tape from the decal slowly.

Apply an epoxy layer on the decal. Then let it set to create a unique dirtbike appearance.